What NOT to wear 2

Chastity, pictured above, is wearing Deathchill Armour from the new Lich King theme seasonal range by Amnennar the Coldbringer and Dual Reinforced Leggings by who knows or cares.*

What we see perfectly demonstrated here are the dangers of shopping on a budget. I really would have expected better from a fellow Blood Elf. Don’t mistake my meaning, I do understand that not everyone can afford to be fabulously wealthy like Cantugeas and myself but there is no excuse for this kind of sloppiness. Haut couture at the top, oh my god at the bottom.

I have no notion of what manner of madness is currently sweeping Azeroth but it seems my strictures in a previous edition of Noble’s Monocle were disregarded. For the last time you abominably ill-dressed freaks, covering one’s crotch never goes out of fashion!

I am most peeved.

As a range of heavy metal lingerie, this leggings and suspender combination would be vulgar; for daywear it’s utterly gauche. And I cannot even begin to imagine the armour chafe. Do try to have some self-respect, dear girl. Horrific rashes are only sexy to the Forsaken.

I have to say, though, I am rather taken with the new line from Amnennar the Coldbringer. This little number was certainly worth the outlay and, although I’m not usually a fan of a bare midriff, it does provide a necessary contrast to the austerity of the overall design. The asymmetrical spiky shoulders add a little drama and, of course, a halter neck is always terribly flattering for a girl of Chastity’s, ah, build. I just adore this piece, it’s tres Arthas-chic.

Ciao darlings,

*Just in! Apparently this, I hesitate to use the word garment, is the latest offering from a designer new on the scene! Nogg has a sweatshop in Orgrimmar, and shouldn’t dream of quitting his day job.