Formal Weaponry? But of course!

Agthragor of Durotar is modelling Corpsemaker by Overlord Ramtusk. Note how this formal yet functional axe crowns the perfect ensemble for any social engagement, be it tea with Lady Proudmoore or an appointment at the Scarlet Monastery.

All too often adventurers across our noble land sacrifice style for substance in their social engagements. How are we ever going to defeat the Scarlet crusade if we allow ourselves to even be outdressed by the mouth-frothing zealots?! Nothing hurts morale more than having to off an enemy commander while simultaneously perpetuating crimes against fashion. Noble's Monocle is working to avert or at least put off the sad day when our finest heroes are upstaged by the leftover outfit of a hungering ghoul by making a stand for more style-conscious adventuring. Weapons are where we place our standard today. I myself favour the elegant yet deadly Electrocutioner Leg (By Electrocutioner 6000) / Speedsteel Rapier(terribly exclusive, you certainly couldn't afford it!) combo. Now now, I know what you lesser races are thinking: "Cantugeas doesn't understand the awkward dressing and gearing decisions faced by those less fortunate than himself!" what about your ugly one-handed maces, your splintered yet keen crossbows and your bent-out-of-shape Polearms Of The Falcon? Well, none of you have any excuse, since a weapon can make or break an outfit, and I'm afraid you just have to compromise! Yes,even you dirt-worshipping Shamans and hammer-fetishest Paladins, think about what your weaponry says about YOU and consider it before you show your face in social situations! 

Take Agthragor here, the excellently chosen and well-sharpened Corpsemaker may not be the ideal shamanic beatstick, but it  more than suffices for the purpose of 'smashing headz' as I'm sure he'd indelicately put it, without a loss of style! The elegant black and silver runed finish makes his formals shine (although those awful gloves do put the dampener on a bit but hey, what can one expect from a greenskin!). It's sharp, it's functional, its understated and gorgeous and available NOW from Overlord Ramtusk in your local Razorfen Kraul, don't miss out!
Cordially Yours,