Cloth of the Lich King

You heard it here first: Ugg boots are BACK in a big way this season. Colours are DARK, weapons are HUGE, it's chav meets gothic like you've never seen it before. For more conservative tastes MASSIVE SPIKES and FLOWING CLOAKS are never out of style but why not lift your everyday raiding outfits with some SKULL MOTIFS to stay on the pulse of the now. Why not tap into your PRIMITIVE SIDE (and I'm looking at you, inferior races of Azeroth) with some SLAIN ANIMAL PELTS: a couple of silvers should be enough to make a passing peon do you FUR FARMING for you but you can always SLAUGHTER YOUR OWN for a truly unique outfit (to say nothing of the ever pleasurable destruction of creatures weaker than yourself). The Lich King (pictured above, on The FROZEN THRONE, which I shouldn't need to tell you, dear readers, is THE place to be seen) is sporting NORTHREND YAK. And, finally, it's CHARITY TIME for all those not blessed to be Blood Elves. If you're cursed by a poor complexion, tusks, tentacles or other disfigurements, it's your LUCKY DAY: face-covering helments are THE accessory this season.

Ciao darlings,
Agrimony (the prettiest elf)