Introducing the Camfrais Line!

Famed international trade facilitator Cantugeas is modelling the latest exclusive handmade bespoke Camfrais Casual Shirt
But who is the designer behind this new phenomenon?!

Introducing the hottest new designer this side of the Eastern Kingdoms! The Camfrais line recently made its debut adorning the elite of Silvermoon City's finest in the most exclusive Mana Tap clubs. Diplomats, warlords, magisters and pop stars have all been spotted sporting the sensational new Camfrais Casual line. Terribly well-known socialite Agrimony is said to own a complete Camfrais outfit! The unsurpassable shirts magically adapt themselves to perfect length and bespoke contours as soon as they are worn.
A noted financier and high-profile diamond magnate is the sole supplier of the Camfrais line (auction only, of course, with prices rumoured to be stratospheric and tawdry knock-offs already flooding the market), but insisted on anonymity when discussing the source. Secrecy is the watchword around this new fashion wunderkind. Apparently the dashingly handsome Camfrais himself oversees a design workshop somewhere in the depths of Outland, using thread made from pure mana and needles painstakingly crafted from Dragon Ivory. The maestro insists on working alone and uninterrupted at his craft, protected at all times by his hulking ogre bodyguard Duh-riff, a terrifying  beastmaster whose faithful bald eagle Peckerington never leaves his side. Though dozens of zealous apprentices endure great hardships vying to catch a glimpse of Camfrais' elegant stitching-hand in action, none have yet returned to tell the tale!  Dear Readers, let us simply be thankful for the small gifts showered upon us by this tailoring messiah, and wait with bated breath and full wallets for his next triumph!
Yours (proudly wearing his own Camfrais Exclusive!),