Shocking news!

The Holy Springs Spa in Stranglethorn Vale has always been THE tropical break location for members of the Zep-Set who simply don’t have the time to commit to a full workout in Mara.

My wayward associate Cantugeas and I have enjoyed several luxurious weekends there, taking advantage of the splendid jacuzzi and sauna facilities.

But imagine my horror on my last flying visit to discover that they’ve started to pandering to the hoi-poloi. There are Nagas absolutely everywhere, leaving their towels on the sun loungers and making bloodelves of impeccable lineage and self-evident prettiness queue for the steam bath.

They’re even letting Taurens in these days.

I don’t know what Azeroth is coming to. I can’t believe people are going to all this trouble over the nonsense in Northrend when the real crisis is right here in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Something must be done!

Ciao darlings,